Ways your home can take care of you – Part I: Easy-peasy, mostly

In this first of a three-part series, AD&B gives you tips on how “your home can take care of you.” Compiled by our family-of-companies’ member, Lewis Sadler of Sadler Construction, these are ideas that can make your home more accessible now and in the future. “These are some of the many ways we can stay in our homes for the long-term,” says Lewis.

These are things you can do, yourself, for little to no cost at all.

Ideas for all over your home:

  1. Set your water heater thermostat to 120° F or lower to prevent scalding. (no cost)
  2. Make sure windows slide open easily from the inside. (no cost)
  3. Install lever-style handles instead of doorknobs. ($$ – 1)
  4. Replace baseboard doorstops with hinge doorstops to reduce trip hazards ($ – 1)
  5. Install cordless phones in every room. ($$ – 1)
  6. Plug in bright night lights. ($ – 1)
  7. Install adhesive non-slip tub strips.  ($ – 1)
  8. Install rocker-style light switches. ($$ – 3)

Costs, including labor:

$           Under $20/item

$$         $20 – $100

$$$       $100 – $500

$$$$     $500+


Difficulty level:

1   Easy

2   Some skill required

3   Best handled by a professional

4   Major project

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