Frequently Asked Questions

AD&B budgets approximately 3 – 5%, depending on features, more for our homes than typical homes. This is a based on the home price and does not include lot. For example, the additional cost is substantially less than making one entrance of an existing home accessible, so the savings of doing this up front are significant.

We are planning a model home for 2019. For now, we have videos on our website that give you an idea of what our homes are like.

This is something that AD&B does, exclusively. It is barrier-free design, based on Universal Design criteria. For example, there is step-less entry into the house. Hallways and doorways are wide enough to accommodate equipment used for physical needs. There are curbless showers, easy-access cabinetry, and many other things, not seen. Yet, everything is very aesthetic.

AD&B has been designing, building, and renovating homes since 2015. Our contractors have more than 30 years of custom home building and renovation experience.

Our homes are throughout the Triangle and we are expanding in other metropolitan areas along the east coast.

As you may imagine, the time it takes to build is largely dependent on square footage. As for accessible design features, a lot of these features are “behind the scenes,” as we like to say. Interior walls are built for future needs which, in the scheme of things, do not add a lot of additional construction time. For example, you may want an elevator at some point, but not now. Our design accounts for that and there is space already built-in to easily accommodate an elevator.

Some of our clients have lots and land they have already purchased. Other clients ask us for help in finding lots and land. Currently, there are housing developments in the Triangle where we build and we also have working relationships with realtors who help our clients find lots and land.

Absolutely. We also encourage you to consider working with our plan design company since we already have many styles and square footages in our portfolio. We usually save you money compared to an architect. We can also take an existing plan you may have found online or in a magazine and make it accessible.